Considering a Health Assessment program?

Read our best practices.

Advantmed is helping healthcare organizations optimize risk adjustment and quality improvement initiatives through Health Assessments (both virtual and in-home when appropriate). Health Assessment programs are known to drive results by allowing physicians and payers to:

  • Check in with members to help them manage their health and access critical resources
  • Better manage risk with more accurate risk adjustment factor scores
  • Improve Star, HEDIS®, and CAHPS®/HOS measures

To achieve these results, look to Advantmed’s Health Assessment best practices—leveraging data, engaging with primary care physicians, coordinating the right referral resources, and more. With a successful program in place, members will be able to get the care they need, when they need it.

So, if you’re considering a Health Assessment program, be sure to read through our article to learn how you can drive better health outcomes.

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