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Using Telehealth to Support
Medicare Risk Adjustment

COVID-19 has changed a lot, including how we live and how we think about healthcare. For health plans and risk-bearing entities, the pandemic has transformed how you check in with at-risk members to ensure that they are getting the care they need as they are unable to safely go to the hospital.

Last month, CMS expanded the role of telehealth, allowing its use for risk adjusted payment. This opened the door for organizations to conduct virtual health assessments. Members have embraced telehealth to connect with a clinician, address health concerns, and better manage their health. Health plans and providers see the benefits of virtual health assessments to safely address gaps in care and improve the accuracy of member documentation.

To understand the efficacy of telehealth, our clinical experts reviewed the 61 HCCs that are typically addressed during an in-home health assessment to see which values could be assessed through telehealth.

In the e-brief, we cover:

  • Telehealth’s recent expansion to support Medicare risk adjustment
  • The effectiveness of telehealth for capturing and recapturing specific HCCs

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